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About Smell Guard

Smell Guard’s™ natural odor binding ingredients go to work immediately attacking and eliminating all forms of organic based odors without the use of masking agents, enzymes or chemicals. Smell Guard™ does not simply act as a masking agent or a temporary cover up, instead it attacks and binds to the source of the odor, converting free ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) into ammonium (NH4) a non toxic nitrogenous compound that is environmentally friendly allowing for maximum odor control at all times.

Smell Guard™ works quickly to control the unwanted odors while accelerating the decomposition process of organic mater therefore reduces the amount of sludge volumes, suspended solids and fats, oils and grease. This allows for an overall increase in operating efficiency as well as eliminating or reducing the frequency of pump outs and costly service calls.


“With a 7,500 gallon grease trap under ground, with had much solidified grease that needed to be dispensed of. We continue to use Smell Guard™ on the grease trap with total satisfaction. We are also very surprised and happy to use Smell Guard™ on may other area, such as the club house showers, the traps, and all around the dumpster.”

Jason JozokosGeneral Manager - Stonebridge Country Club Goffstown NH

“Smell Guard™ has been a blessing. As a small well-known restaurant in the upscale area of Los Angeles we could not afford to have any odor issues. We tried many products and nothing can compete with this product. The level of customer service is amazing“

James La VitolaStout Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA

“I am an engineer on the Las Vegas Strip. I am using Smell Guard™ every day anywhere and on anything that requires odor control. I use it daily in grease traps, urinals, carpeting, concrete and more. Smell Guard™ works and I love that its 100% natural.”

DJLas Vegas, Nevada
Benefits of Smell Guard
  • Eliminates Odors

  • Eliminate or Reduce Pumping

  • Prevents New Odors

  • Increases Operating Performance

  • Reduces Sludge Buildup

  • Prevents Pipe Corrosion

  • Breaks Down Solids

  • Rapid Results

The Science Behind Smell Guard

Smell Guard™ is a natural plant extract that posses two active ingredients, Glycocomponents and Saponins.
These each play a significant role in how Smell Guard™ works.


saponins3Saponins allow greater absorption of nutrients, and in addition, they generate metabolic channels that produce and accelerate the natural microbial activity stimulating the development of microorganisms allowing for a fast-high-scale bio-degradation of organic matter.



Glycocomponents are complex, highly thermo stable, molecules that include some compounds of sugars or glycosides. These molecules have an affinity to join ammonia, bind and neutralize it; Thus, reducing the high levels of this toxic element. The mechanism of action is through the physical molecular union of these compounds with ammonia.

The Natural Course

With today’s customers demanding “greener” and safer products we can assure you that it does not get any “greener” then Smell Guard™. Other products make claims of how safe and natural they are, yet we have found ourselves constantly asking that same question. Are they really natural and just how safe are they? If the competitions products are as safe and natural as they claim to be, where are their certification’s to prove it?

Smell Guard™ gives our customers piece of mind knowing that it is safe to use in their establishments and around their employees.

isn’t it time you made the natural choice?

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Our Story

Originally started in 1993 Smell Guard™ was used for treating odors on wet-suits. Since then Smell Guard™ has evolved into a dominate player in the odor control industry. With customers ranging from small restaurants to some of the largest hotels and casinos in the country. Although our company has continued to grow, our philosophy has remained the same. To provide a quality product at a great price and complete customer satisfaction.

We are the manufactures of our own raw product with production facilities located in Baja California, Ensenada Mexico and corporate offices in New Jersey and California. Smell Guard™ is a second-generation family owned and operated business.

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