Children’s Asthma created by cleaning supplies

Do you know what the number one reason is that children miss school…Asthma?!?!  Surveys have detected a dramatic increase  in childhood asthma across the country in the past few decades.  Do you know where these conclusions are stemming from…school cleaning supplies that contain harsh chemicals!  Who would have thought, right?  If you have a child/children who are currently attending school, grandchildren, a niece or nephew or know somebody that does, you recognize the importance of keeping these cuties safe and healthy.  

As we know, teachers and school children spend a large part of their day in these classrooms that are not being cleaned with all natural or green products.  Almost all of the products that are currently being used to control odors and cleanse the schools, contain chemicals that can cause or exacerbate asthma, and breathe in a complex set of indoor air contaminants with lungs that are still developing.  This reason in and of itself is why we should promote the organic; green; all natural odor control cleaners such as Smell Guard!

Here is a great article we found that tells you more about this study as well as suggestions on what you can do to make a difference!   Afterall, Greener School Cleaners = Healthier Kids!