Odors Caused By Flood Damage

Flood Damage Odors in Homes/Basement

In the face of the devastating aftermath of a flood, a homeowner is left with the difficult task of managing the myriad of problems and damage that the natural disaster has left in its wake.  One of the most common issues that a homeowner needs to handle is the flood damage odor that would normally permeate in the home interior and furniture.  Flood damage odor is a concoction of several factors. Bacteria, human and animal waste, oil, and industrial wastes in the waters can easily contribute to the nauseating smell that lingers right after a flood. Another major cause of the pervasive flood damage odor is the ocean water.

Pollution caused by chemicals eroded from our industries and wastes from either human negligence or apathy; algae and other organic matters producing a rotting smell when broken down by microorganisms during the decomposition process; and, the elevated salinity and characteristic smell of marine life such as fish, crustaceans, and sea weeds creating a rich whiff of decay – these are just some of the things that make ocean water damage a nightmare for every homeowner. Furthermore, ss the flood water seeps through the furniture, it provides a perfect breeding ground for microorganisms and mold which collectively produce a strong, unpleasant odor and pose a health hazard to you and your family.

Although there are many chemical products available in the market which, purportedly, can eliminate the rank odor, these products can prove to be huge letdowns in the face of ocean water deeply permeating and plaguing the basements of your home. You can scrub all you want with these strong products but all they can do is mask the smell temporarily while exposing you to health risks with every inhalation of the potent-smelling chemicals.  However, you should not lose hope just yet because there are actually natural products that can take out those stubborn flood water odors in no time. Here are some more factors which make natural odor control products preferable over the chemical solutions you are used to.

Safe and Eco-friendly

While chemical products can produce fumes that are detrimental to humans and the environment, natural odor control products do not have toxic or hazardous components. Now, you no longer have to worry about relocating the family and pets while you handle the odor and because it’s all natural, you wouldn’t have to worry about any chemical interactions that can further damage your furniture or interiors.

Effective and Economical

Right after a devastating flood, would you really want to shell out more bucks than you need to for odor control? With natural odor control products, you no longer have to bear the cost of expensive and inefficient chemical products because you probably already have them in your kitchen. For instance, baking soda, vanilla and lemon extracts, and white vinegar, among others, are common items in our homes which can help rid of the rank smell from the water damage. These products are also proven to be highly-effective and hassle-free through actual use and application by many money-savvy homeowners. What could be better than that?