Organic vs. Organic

Explain How the Word Organic is Used in Two Ways

Walking through the different aisles of a grocery store, one would notice that several items and mostly in the fresh produce section, are labeled as “organic.” Have you ever stopped and wondered what it meant?

Organic as something that interconnects life

In school we were taught that organic matters are those that are associated with any living matter and have the ability to decompose or be broken down into its basic elements. Once a living matter – plants or animals dies it starts to decay and becomes a natural organic matter.  It is ever present in our ecosystem as it travels through the soil and water systems and acts as a source of nutrients for the living plants and animals.

Remember in Sunday school we were also taught that we were made from dust and to dust we shall return? It embodies the cycle that happens when a living matter decomposes. An organic matter does not lose its importance once it dies and decomposes; it continues to be of service to keep the ecosystem alive. Everything is interconnected to keep our world together to ensure the natural flow of things.

Organic as something that we use in our daily lives     

So much hype is being generated for organic labeled products. The term organic is used differently in this aspect. As defined, products labeled as organic are those that have no harmful chemicals, are not genetically modified and have been approved by the necessary government agency to be marketed as “organic.” An organic product is something that was made or processed using ingredients or materials that were also considered organic. Products that more often labeled as organic are food products. However, more and more products are being labeled as organic as part of a manufacturer’s “social responsibility.”

Products from fresh produce to household cleaning products are now being labeled as organic or all natural. The most common problem encountered by households is stains and odors. Before the influx of all things organic and all natural, homemakers usually rely on chemically prepared products to get rid of stains and odors but these products don’t really work at all. New products marketed as all natural or organic have taken advantage of science and nature to produce stain and odor remover products that actually works. These products don’t just mask the odor, but it totally removes the bad odors and stains from any organic material. Manufacturers have developed proprietary methods in harvesting the necessary ingredients from plants and turn it into a powerful yet chemically free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe product.