The Benefits of All Natural

The Benefits of All Natural Products

Bio-chemicals are an interesting part of our lives. Everything around us and even our bodies are made of chemicals. If chemicals are part of what we are and our surroundings, why then is it considered over the edge?

What are chemicals and why it too much, or inappropriate constitutions not so safe

Chemicals may be considered healthy or not in different circumstances. It is said that everything is chemical because everything is made up of atoms and molecules making up compounds, and eventually substances. What gives chemicals a rather sour name is the process by which they are used and the by-products. For a fact, people most often associate chemicals with the hazardous effects caused by its by-products. Industrial processes that convert chemicals into some new product usually produce unwanted leftovers that cause more harm than good.

What is meant by “all natural”?

It is believed that the biggest market today is that of health and wellness. This is mainly due to baby boomers. This is the first time in history that a single population is impacting a particular market at the same time. These baby boomers are now in their 50’s and 60’s and their main concern is health and wellness. Since their sheer number can dictate a trend many are following their thrust to go all natural or organic. But what is meant by all natural or organic?  The term all natural or organic is usually seen on food labels.  Thus, according to the FDA policy which was released in 1993, all natural is any product that does not have additives or preservatives, artificial flavors and synthetic substances. But since the times is asking for a healthier lifestyle for the whole populace, almost all product manufacturers are complying to the needs of its market – to go “all natural.” One would notice that commercials nowadays are into the promotion of their products as being healthy and environmentally safe. Being promoted as such is seen as being “all natural” and can lead to a larger market share and profits.

The choice: Chemicals or All Natural?

How chemicals are used determines if it will bring you sound health or hospital visits. And the same thing is true for the “all natural” products, although this has a much wider safety window to play around with.  Using products labeled as “all natural” is appealing especially to the health conscious populace.

The question that persists however is how much of “all natural” is natural? Vinegar as a cleaning agent is considered an “all natural” product, but vinegar is also a chemically processed product. Answering the question to go chemical or all natural is really simple. One only has to choose which would give you better health benefits.